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An inside look at growing houseplants

Having indoor plants not only adds beautiful green scenery into your home, but also improves your wellbeing. Today, we get a special look at what it’s like to be a plant parent. MEET Elizabette Privat (Liz) Elizabette Privat (Liz) is a NYC based passionate planter with a collection of about 57 plants. She began planting […]

5 Law Of Attraction quotes you need to know.

Good evening family! Before you enter your weekend, we wanted to send you off with positive energy. Here are 5 LOA quotes that every manifesting junkie needs to know. These words and phrases should have you feeling more powerful than ever. Meditate over them and allow them to sink into your soul. What you think […]

Eliminate negative self-talk

Good morning, How many of us are guilty of saying I can’t, I’m ugly, or I don’t want to go to work today. These are negative phrases, and even if you truly mean no harm by it, it’s causing harm. Perhaps you might even be saying them automatically without thinking, and today that’s going to […]